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Deep in the dungeon lies a new #8BitLegit adventure: Roniu’s Tale!- 47 levels of puzzling adventure action

• Experience authentic retro gameplay

• A Whirlwind of Enemies & Epic Bosses and Four Magical Skills to Take Them On

• Check out 3 swappable gameplay borders on Nintendo Switch


Step into the shoes of a hopeless wizard who tried to run away from his problems and found himself in a bigger mess. Help Roniu access his magic and find his way through a deadly dungeon while taking down a plague of enemies hellbent on keeping him there. Steady now, you’re no longer on stable ground!

Inspired by games like Solomon’s Key and Adventures of Lolo, Roniu’s Tale is a head-scratching top-down puzzler with action elements. Each level is designed to have one or more paths but beware: each move Roniu takes will cause the tiles to crumble as he passes. You’ll need to watch your step to search for the orbs and keys you need to escape, danger lurks at every turn!

Play the game with the NES Online controllers for a real-retro experience that will zap you back into the heyday of cartridge gaming.

• DEVELOPED BY: Kunjee Studio •