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Now Serving a New Cut of Retro!

• Test your meat in 40+ Puzzle Platformer Levels

• Upgrade yourself with an arsenal of Ghost Powers

• Veal and Raw Modes

• Become a hero for bovine-kind

• Feel the beat of the meat with an authentic chiptune soundtrack


Become Kon, a ghost minotaur on the quest to put his meat back together in this puzzle platformer.

Use pyrokinesis, possession, and an array of other ghost skills to solve puzzles—and the mystery of who butchered you.

Platforming, puzzle-solving, combat—The Meating has it all as you traverse through various dungeons and landscapes in your quest for answers.

You’ll have to jump, headbutt, and possess your way through over 40+ stages, using all your ghostly powers and wiles to gather all your missing meat to reveal Kon’s fate!

It’s time to sink your teeth into The Meating!